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Business Retirement Plans

Basic services offered to most plan sponsors:

  • Plan Enrollment
  • Employee Assistance
  • Provider Web Site

Those basic services may not be enough for today's regulatory requirements. Are you aware of the many changes in the law concerning business retirement plans? Are you aware that failure to comply with regulatory mandates could potentially adversely impact your retirement plan and your business?

Is the investment advice you are receiving really in your employees' best interests? Unless your advisor understands and follows a fiduciary process, you can’t really be sure. Even those investment professionals who are required to act as fiduciaries might not have the experience or training to prepare them for this enormous responsibility.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) Designees have been certified specifically for their ability to follow a fiduciary process with their clients’ best interests at heart. Here are some services that AIF® Designees can offer:

  • Pre-Annual Plan Review Preparation
  • Coordinate Education
  • Conduct Employee Education
  • Proactive Service Calls
  • Comparison of Alternatives
  • Annual Plan Review
  • Coordinate with TPA
  • Respond to Company Level Issues
  • Customized Plan Design
  • Conduct Sponsor Education
  • Federal Compliance Notification
  • Investment Evaluation
  • Assist Employees with Forms
  • Employee Financial Strategies
  • Executive Financial Strategies
  • Employee Departure Meetings
  • New Enrollment Meetings